The California Spain Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio California España - CSCC) is a nonprofit organization that promotes knowledge sharing and networking between businesses, academia, technology communities and individuals in California and Spain.

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  • Francisco Palao has just released his new blog about Lean Startup Methodologies and Entrepreneurship
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    The goal of the blog is to spread information and knowledge about Lean Startup Methodologies, which are not only useful for startup but also for any company that want to innovate. You will find the new blog about Lean Startup Methodologies and Entrepreneurship here: www.franciscopalao.com. You also can find Francisco Palao on his twitter account @fpalao.

    This is his first article , a post about what is and what is not an startup?…

  • A Glimpse Beyond Pinterest
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    A Glimpse Beyond Pinterest

    Pinterest’s rise has helped highlight the value of social discovery over traditional search for shopping and the lesson hasn’t been lost on competitors. TheFind, a shopping search site with a trove of product data, is going after Pinterest with the launch of Glimpse, a new Facebook shopping discovery app that is built on top of Facebook “like” data. The app curates shopping pages for users based on their likes, as…

  • The Meaning of the Word "Partner"
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    The Meaning of the Word "Partner"

    PARTNER: The person that associates with other people in order to reach an objective.

    This first post is devoted to the word "partner" because it is a word that I like but I'm always amazed at the ability we have to be cynical about. This would not be important if it would not affect the business. My experience as a mere observer is that the ancestral human being prevents rational control…

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