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Nexo is an open-source, not-for-profit and 100% digital video-interviews program with some of the most inspiring Spanish professionals across the world. Every month we'll publish a new talk with a new protagonist, where we'll dig into the personal stories to understand the extraordinary professional trajectory. Nexo aims to inspire and infect  spanish professionals with positivity, optimism and excitement to drive change in their life and careers. 

Episode #1: Xavier Verdaguer
where he talks about working hard, building startups, failure, happiness and living life to the max! 

Nexo-Xavier Verdaguer 

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In the News:

  • "Xavi Verdaguer: "En España, la gente destina mucho esfuerzo a quejarse", (diario.es)
  • "I/O (Inspiración/Obsesión)", (Nexo Club)


Episode #2Hugo Giralt, shares his positive energy, pasion and dreams that helped him to reinvent himself from beigng a Telegónica Executive to creating his own company in San Francisco.

Nexo2 Hugo Giralt 

Check out all the videos at http://videos.nexo.club 

In the News:
  • Hugo Giralt: "Silicon Valley se parece a la Grecia clásica o el Renacimiento" (eldiario.es)
  • Es tiempo de unicornios (NexoClub)


Epidose #3Jose Floridotalks about his experience as Co-founder of Panoramio and how it was sold to Google. Also, Jose shares his latest adventures when funding and creating Wepoke!

 Nexo3 Jose Florido

Check out all the videos at http://videos.nexo.club  

In the News:
  • Jose Florido: "En Google no hay nada malo, todo es tan bonito como lo pintan" (eldiario.es) 


Epidose #4: Pepe Agell, shares his experience as Co-founder and Head of International at Chartboost, the largest mobile games-only platform to increase revenuer and dicover new players. If anything characterizes him is global mind!

Nexo4 Pepe Agell 

Check out all the videos at http://videos.nexo.club


Epidose #5: Isabel Arconestalks about her experience as Founder and CEO of Onpublico and how it was sold to Google. Isabel, also shares how her startup project begun in Silicon Valley, when actually thought she was going abroad only for a while!

 Nexo5 Isabel Arcones

Check out all the videos at http://videos.nexo.club 

In the News:
  • Isabel Arcones: "Que los parados no se queden en casa, que busquen algo distinto que les motive" (eldiario.es)


Epidose #6Jean Claude Rodriguez Ferrera (@je4nc1aude), shares his experience as Co-founder of Puddle (@puddlehq), a revolutionary platform in the finance sector that allows the generation of credits for its customers without going through the Bank process. The credit offer is based on the community trust!

Nexo6 Jean Rodriguez 

Check out all the videos at http://videos.nexo.club 

Epidose #7Pilar Manchón (@Pilar_indisys), Degreed in linguistics, shares her story as Founder and CEO of Indisys that started as research proyect at the University of Seville, and eventually became a Global Leader Company in development of vitual assistants valued in $26 million.

Nexo7 Pilar Manchon 

Check out all the videos at http://videos.nexo.club

Epidose #8Eneko Knorr (@enekoknorr), shares his story as Founder & CEO at Ludei,  a comapny focused on creating HTML5 Videogames. Eneko is probably one of the most known spanish entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. He started his entrepreuner journey when in 2001 he founded Hostalia, which a few years later became one of the five most important hosting companies in Spain

Nexo8 Eneko Knorr 

Check out all the videos at http://videos.nexo.club

Epidose #9Mario Galarreta, expert in Mindfulness at Google, is one of the most prestigeous  Spanish Neuroscientists. He is also a filmmaker and has made several short films, movies and viral videos. Currently, Mario is one of the biggest experts in Mindfulness at Google, where he teaches engineers and excutives, how to improve their lives using this technque. #Mindfulness #Mente #meditación

Nexo9 Mario Galarreta 

Check out all the videos at http://videos.nexo.club



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