The decision I made to invest that $1,600 (not merely save it) was the most important wealth-building decision I made in my life. Read more.
We can all learn from the rise - and fall - and rise again of self-made entrepreneur Christopher King. King is the founder of Cruzach, Inc. a holding company comprised of a dozen businesses including a partnership with the Mondavi family for wine that retails for $799 a bottle and the executive production of a feature film, "What Lola Wants". Read more.
Social media, in particular, has done much to empower customers and encourage ownership of the brands they enjoy. However the medium has completely baffled industry in its basic ability to serve its customers. Read more.
Thursday, 31 July 2014 21:07

Yeti Is Like Tinder For Places

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Sometimes searching for the perfect bar or a challenging hiking trail can be like searching for a mythological creature. Unless you've already found Yeti. The new app from the makers of At the Pool aims to help you discover new things and converse with people of similar interests nearby. Read more.
Thursday, 31 July 2014 21:06

DRONIES are the new selfies

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Squishing yourself into a cameraphone frame with your bestie is so early 2014. Why rely on your outstretched arm when you can include a sweeping vista and aerial approach to your selfie? Read more.
A new business venture is like a new marriage: It's really exciting and fun; then it's a lot of work and fun. Then it's a lot of work and not so fun; and then it's just a ton of work mired with headache after headache and you are learning way too many hard-earned lessons and wondering how you got here. Read more
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